Commercial EPCs For Cafés

By Ian on Wednesday 20th December 2023

Cafe that needs a commercial EPC

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Do cafés need an EPC? Some commercial units are exempt from needing an Energy Performance Certificate. If your premises needs one, how much will it cost? We’ve completed a few café commercial EPCs recently, we’ve put all the facts together here for you.

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Does My Café Need An EPC?

Most buildings in the UK need an EPC before the building can be sold or rented. Recently we’re seeing lenders asking for commercial EPC certificates as part of mortgaging or re-mortgaging. In most cases, the answer is going to be: Yes, you do need an EPC for your café. However, most cafés are able to operate out of small premises, so if yours meets the below criteria, you might be able to register for an exemption.

The rule may apply here is based on size and detachment type.

If the total floor space in your café is less than 50m2 in size and is not attached to any other building, i.e. fully detached, your building is not required to have an EPC and you may be able to get an exemption.

Lenders may want an EPC regardless of your exemption status.

How To Get An EPC For My Café

You’ve determined that you do need an EPC for your building. Its really easy to get one. If you’re in the North West you can arrange an Energy Performance Certificate with us on 01925 699 321. We’ll arrange an appointment either avoiding your busy periods or out of hours. We’ll complete an onsite assessment that will take 30 minutes. Its not very invasive, we can work around your customers without causing any disruption. Once complete your EPC will be ready within 24 hours.

How Much Does An EPC Cost For A Café?

In a café the assessment is generally straightforward. A few rooms over a small space. This puts most into our lowest pricing band of just £150 (No VAT). This will get you everything you need to tick the EPC box whether you are selling, renting or refinancing the property. This includes a recommendations report to help you reduce your energy usage

How Long Does It Take To Get A Commercial EPC For A Café?

The whole process can take as little as 24 hours. Give us a call on 01925 699 321 and we may have an appointment free today! The onsite assessment will take 30 minutes and we’ll need a few hours after to process the information we collect.

If you need help with an EPC or have a question, we’d be delighted to help out. Just give us a call on 01925 699 321

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