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EPC Warrington

Warrington town hall golden gates at night. Proud to offer EPC in Warrington

Why Do I Need An EPC?

Before a home in Warrington can be sold or rented, you'll need to get an Energy Performance Certificate. Its the law to have one when the property is marketed for sale or rent. To get an EPC in Warrington, we've made it really easy. We're based in Latchford and cover the whole of Warrington and beyond.

We'll have your EPC complete in no time!

What is an Energy Performance Certificate?

An Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is a document that shows information about how energy efficient your property is. Your estate agent or solicitor will need the EPC before your home can be sold. Its also the law to have a valid EPC when a new tenancy starts. Your home will be given a rating on a scale of A (best performing) to G (worst performing). Its purpose is to give potential buyers or tenants information about how well a property uses energy and to give an indication of how much it will cost to run.

EPC Cost Warrington

For a Domestic EPC in Warrington, we charge a flat and fixed fee of only £60. This is not from £60, this is a fixed price of just £60.

We're fully transparent with our pricing with no added extras or changes in the price. We're not VAT regsitered so all you will part with once your EPC is complete is £60 and no more.

We want to make the process as simple as possible so we accept payments by:

  • Bank Transfer - We'll send you an invoice with the details on
  • Card - We've got a card reader that accepts debit and credit cards
  • Cash - You'll get a receipt emailed automatically

Your new EPC certificate will last for 10 years.

How to Prepare for an EPC in Warrington

The EPC survey is not very invasive, we'll need no more than 45 minutes to complete the survey for the average home in Warrington. For most rooms we just need to take a brief look at radiators, lightbulbs and the windows.

We understand that moving home is a hectic time so don't worry about having a spotless home. We can assure you, we've seen messier houses than yours!

It would be helpful if you can make sure we can access every room including any cellars and loft spaces. We'll also need to take a quick pic of the gas and electric meters which can sometimes be a challenge.

If you've had any alterations completed on your home, such as extensions, new windows or cavity wall insulation, any documentation will be helpful. This helps us to date the upgrades and you'll come out with a better score!

Quick EPCs in Warrington

If you need an EPC and you need one fast we offer a fast EPC in Warrington service. We go above and beyond to provide our service in your timescales. If our diary is full, we'll work evenings or weekends to get the job done.

Book Your EPC Direct With North West EPCs

By booking direct with us, you are getting the best price for your Energy Performance Certificate in Warrington.

Some companies, like EPC Panels subcontract all the work out to a local EPC provider and add on their fee to the cost.

We're a local company, based in Latchford, Warrington, so we do not need to add on fuel or other travel expenses to our fee.

We've got a City & Guilds Level 3 Domestic Energy Assessment qualification and are accredited by the industry leading Accreditation Body, Elmhurst Energy. These qualifications and accreditations make sure you get a fully compliant EPC.

By booking direct with us, you are guaranteeing that you are getting a fully compliant sale EPC or rental EPC from a local company at the best price.

EPCs for Homes in Warrington. This semi detached house in Orford got a new EPC.

Local EPC Assessor for Warrington Landlords

If you need an EPC for your rental property, we can help! We've been working closely with Warrington landlords. Specifically around the potential rule changes making the minimum energy efficiency score for rentals a band C.

Recently we worked with a local landlord who needed a new EPC and wanted to future proof his investment. We assessed his house and ran some mock EPCs to show which energy saving upgrades would get it to a band C. The reports showed that adding solar panels would land him comfortably in a C band. We reassessed the property once they had been installed and now he has a compliant EPC that will last until 2033. As an added bonus the solar panels let him take advantage of the Smart Export Guarantee and sell excess energy back to the grid. This offsets the upfront costs of the solar system.

If you need to improve the EPC score on your rental, give us a call on 01925 699 321.

Fantastic service from Ian. Called for an EPC, it was done the following day. Exceptional! Highly recommended. Will be keeping his number saved! Thank you again.

- Selina H, Westy, Warrington

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Commercial EPC Warrington

Warehouse in Warrington with an EPC

What is a Commercial EPC?

You need a Commercial EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) whenever you are selling or renting a commercial property in Warrington. It is a document that will give potential buyers or tenants the information about how energy efficient a building is.

It is a legal requirement to have a Commercial EPC whenever you are selling or renting a commercial premises. Your building will get a rating on a scale of A (best performing) to G (worst performing).

If you need to get a Commercial EPC in Warrington we can help! We're fully qualified, accredited and experienced Commercial Energy Assessors (NDEAs), based in Warrington.

How to Get a Commercial EPC in Warrington

We make the process to get an EPC for your business in Warrington really easy.

Give us a call on 01925 699 321 and we'll arrange a site visit at a time that suits you and your business. If its easier for us to visit on an evening or a weekend, that's no problem.

The time a site visit will take depends on the size of your building and how many rooms it has. We've given a rough indication below

  • EPC for a Cafe: Single Floor with 3-4 rooms - Approx 45 minutes
  • EPC for an Office: Two Floors with 8-10 rooms - Approx 1.5 hours
  • EPC for a Care Home: Multiple floors with 15-20 Rooms - Approx 2-3 hours
  • EPC for a Hotel: Complex layout with 30-40 rooms - Approx 4 Hours
  • EPC for a Warehouse: Large Building with multiple rooms - Approx 2 Hours

Once the onsite commerical EPC assessment is complete, we'll need around 24 hours to complete the calculations and register the certificate. Again, this is dependant on the size of the building. Smaller buildings will be ready faster, whilst large EPCs could take a little longer.

EPC for Cafes

Cost of a Commercial EPC Warrington

The cost of a Commercial EPC in Warrington is dependent on the complexity of the project. It's not all about size. For example, there is less work involved for us to complete a 5,000m2 warehouse with 20 rooms than a 1,000m2 Hotel with 50 rooms.

Our price for a Commercial EPC in Warrington starts at £150. We like to have a good chat with our customers prior to generating a quote to make sure the price for your EPC is accurate.

We will provide you with an all inclusive price that gives you everything you need to tick the Commercial EPC compliance box. We never add any extras or change the price once agreed.

A Commercial EPC Can Help Your Business

Many businesses are looking to reduce overheads. Energy usage is a particular concern at the moment with energy prices on the rise.

For our Warrington customers, our commercial energy certificate will give practical advice on how to reduce energy consumption. The EPC is a highly specific report for your building with recommendations to match. That could be replacing an old boiler to improve your EPC score or adding solar to the roof to generate your own electricity. Your EPC recommendations are a road map to a business that consumes less energy.

By reducing your energy consumption, not only do you save money on energy bills, you also become less reliant on the grid and the fluctuating costs. This will help with business continuity and keeping steady prices for your customers.

Fast Commercial EPC in Warrington

We accomodate our customers timescales to the best of our abilities. If you need a fast Commercial EPC in Warrington we will do everything we can to get it done. If our diary is full, we're more than happy to complete assessments on evenings or weekends to get your EPC delivered on time.

Give us a call on 01925 699 321 as soon as you can and we'll start making space for you.

Book Our EPC Assessor

Ready to book an EPC assessment? Need help with a question? Get in touch!

Phone: 01925 699 321

Email: hello@nwepcs.com

Text: EPC to 88440

Improve Your EPC Score

There are a few things that most home owners are able to do quickly with little cost that will improve the EPC rating of their home as well as making it warmer and cheaper to run.

You can check your old EPC for recommendations specific to your home. These are our top three tips if you do not have access to your last EPC.

  • Energy Saving Light Bulbs: Before your EPC assessment make sure you've got energy saving light bulbs in every fixed light fitting. Sometimes one bulb can be the difference between a Band C and a Band D. Energy saving lightbulbs are either the older CFL ones that take a while to warm up or more modern LEDs.
  • Loft Insulation: Topping up your loft insulation to the current building regualtions levels will stop you losing excess heat through your roof and keep your home warmer. This is 270mm. If you have this amount, you'll get top marks on the EPC in this area.
  • Heating Controls: When completing an EPC, we're looking for a room thermostat, a programmer and TRV valves on the radiators. A new programmable thermostat installed by your local plumber is an inexpesive way to tick two of these three off and gain some extra points on the EPC.

If you want to vastly improve your EPC score, give us a call for some personalised advice but in general, you need to make sure the boiler is efficient, all your external walls are insulated and consider adding a renewable energy source like solar panels.

Why Our Customers Choose Us

Local Assessor

Local Assessor

Warrington is our home and we travel across the North West to help our customers.

Fully Qualified & Accredited

Fully Qualified & Accredited

City & Guilds and ABBE Qualifications with Elmhurst Energy Accreditations.

Fast Appointments

Fast Appointments

We're usually available in a day or two for onsite assessments.

Quick Turnaround

Quick Turnaround

99% of the surveys we complete have the certificate produced on the same day.



Small & local company offering excellent value for money for our customers.

What Our Customers Say

"Exceptional and first class service from a passionate professional who made me feel like an important customer. Ian made sure he accommodated my difficult and specific needs due to my circumstances and he couldn't do enough for me. He kept me updated throughout the survey process, was efficient, attentive, skilled, knowledgeable and approachable. I will be recommending him to our local letting agents."

- Mike H, Latchford

"Fantastic service from Ian. Called for an EPC, it was done the following day. Exceptional! Highly recommended. Will be keeping his number saved! Thank you again."

- Selina H, Westy

"A big thank you to Ian Kay for doing my EPC. Ian did a great job and was very informative, answering all my questions with excellent feedback. Thank you so much, very much appreciated."

- Derek V, Warrington

"Great service from Ian. Communicated well about arrival time for survey. Did his EPC assessment, taking into account various parameters my house had undergone...new boiler, loft insulation, so came to an improvement on my old expired EPC, with suggestions of future improvements if needed. Good price and felt his EPC rating was very fair and in my interest as home owner."

- Peter, Warrington

"I recently used Ian for 5 EPCs in Manchester & Liverpool and he was absolutely brilliant. Really accommodating & helpful. Would definitely recommend."

- Holly S, Manchester

"Easy to arrange our EPC, came on time and let us pay on card. Quick turnaround so would recommend for anyone moving house."

- Rob N, Stockton Heath

"Would definitely recommend North West EPC’s - Ian was completely professional, communicated promptly and turned up on time. Within 2 hours, Ian had completed the EPC and the certificate was with us – a very professional, impressive and efficient company"

- Simon B, Croft

"Excellent service received, very efficient from the initial enquiry to the survey and receipt of the EPC. I would have no hesitation in recommending this company."

- Steve M, Great Sankey

These are actual reviews from our customers. You can find them and more on our Google Profile.

Our Service Area

Based in Warrington, we help customers with EPCs & Commercial EPCs across the North West of England. If you need SBEM Calculations for a new build commercial property, we help customers nationally.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered some of the questions that we get asked below.

What is an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?

An EPC is a document you need whenever a property is sold, rented or built in the UK. Your property will be surveyed and given a banding between A (most efficient) and G (least efficient). Once the assessment is complete, the EPC Certificate is uploaded to the government's EPC Register.

How can I get an EPC?

To get an EPC, you need to speak with a Domestic Energy Assessor (DEA). This is us! We're not only qualified, but registered with an accreditation body too. To get your EPC we'll carry out an onsite assessment of your home and calculate its EPC Rating.

What is the cost of an EPC?

For Domestic EPCs, we charge a fixed fee of £60.

How long does an EPC last?

Each EPC lasts for ten years. So, before you get a new one, double check the government’s EPC register to make sure you don’t already have one. If you don’t have a valid and in date EPC, you’ll probably need a new one before you can rent or sell. There are a few exemptions, for example, some listed buildings and temporary buildings.

How long does it take to get an EPC?

We have appointments available within one to two days. 99% of our certificates are produced and uploaded to the EPC register on the same day and the survey.