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EPC in Manchester - Fixed rate of only £60

Do you need an EPC in Manchester for your home or rental? We can help! Our local EPC Assessor, is committed to delivering a five star service with highly accurate reports and a fast turnaround. Flat rate of only £60 for EPC certificates in Manchester.

5 Star Rated EPC Assessor. 80+ reviews.

Our Domestic EPC Service in Manchester

If you are selling or renting a home in Manchester, you'll need an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). Your estate agent will ask for one before the property can be marketed and your solicitor cannot process the sale without it.

Getting an EPC in Manchester and choosing the right EPC assessor is more than just a box ticking exercise though. With house prices closely linked to EPC ratings and minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES) being enforced for Landlords, it's never been more important to get an accurate EPC band.

Terraced House being assessed by an EPC Assessor
EPC Assessment for a house in Manchester

We understand that our customers generally have a lot going on when selling or renting a house so we make the process of getting an EPC straightforward.

Why Choose Our Manchester EPC Service?

We can work around you. Need a weekend or after hours assessment? We've got you covered. Rapid appointment and turnaround times.

We dive deep, ensuring no detail is missed. Our in depth EPC assessment guarantees a rating that reflects your property's energy perfomance.

Quality doesn't have to break the bank. Our flat rate of just £60 is excellent value for money with no hidden fees!

What Is An EPC?

An EPC, known as an Energy Performance Certificate, is a document that you need whenever selling or renting a house. It shows prospective buyers or tenants how well the building uses and retains energy. The building will get an energy rating between A (most efficient) and G (least efficient). The EPC certificate will also provide specific recommedations to reduce energy usage and save money in the property.

How To Get An EPC?

A qualified and accredited person needs to carry out an assessment of your building. For example, we hold qualifications through City & Guilds as well as ABBE (Part of Birmingham City University). We are accredited by Elmhurst Energy which is the industry leading accreditation body.

Once you contact a EPC assessor, like us. They will arrange a convenient time to carry out the assessment and collect the information they need to produce the EPC Certificate

How Long Does It Take To Get An EPC?

You can expect your EPC assessor to be available to carry out the assessment within a couple of days. For the majority of homes, the assessment takes no more than a 30 minutes to complete. Once the assessor has gathered the information onsite, they can begin to calculate the EPC score. 99% of certificates are produced on the same day as the assessment.

Most assessors, us included, offer a rapid turnaround assessment for a small additional fee.

How To Prepare for an EPC

The assessor will need to see every area of the building to provide an accurate EPC rating. Make sure each room is available including loft spaces and basements.

If you have any documentation about the building, this is important to have to hand. We'll need to gain a full understanding of the structure of the building as well as any extensions. We find the most useful documents to be planning permission, building control sign off and invoices or specifications.

What Are The Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES)?

Only applicable to rented property, the government have introduced minimum energy performance requirements. These prohibit landlords from renting out any property that does not achieve a band E or better on the EPC.

How Long Does an EPC Last?

We always recommend to our customers that they check to see if they already have a valid EPC. Each EPC lasts for ten years so you may already have one. To check if your home already has an EPC or not, the EPC register is where you can search for it. This is the government's database of EPCs for all buildings.

Commercial EPC in Manchester

Manchester is a busy city with a rich industrial herritage. It was on the cutting edge of the industrial revolution in the UK and its reputation as the place to be remains. The centre combines traditional buildings steeped in history with modern constructions showcasing sleek architecture. Surrounding Manchester city centre are suburbs such as Denton, Prestwich, Middleton, Altrincham & Failsworth. Many buildings here are constructed using traditional methods from the Victorian and Edwardian eras.

Energy Assessments for Homes in Manchester
Energy Assessments for homes in Manchester.

Our Manchester EPC assessors survey homes, new and old, and provide energy ratings from A - G. The closer your EPC result is to a Band A, the lower energy costs will be and higher the interest from buyers or tenants.

Your Domestic EPC will also give you specific recommendations for your building to help you identify areas where you can save additional money and improve your buildings energy performance.

Why Our Customers Choose Us

Local Assessor: Warrington is our home and we travel across the North West to help our customers
Fully Qualified & Accredited: City & Guilds and ABBE Qualifications with Elmhurst Energy Accreditations
Fast Appointments: We're usually available in a day or two for onsite assessments
Quick Turnaround: 99% of the surveys we complete have the certificate produced on the same day
Independent: Small & local company offering exellent value for money for our customers

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Our Service Area

If you need an EPC in Manchester we can help! We cover all of Manchester and its surrounding areas. We help our customers all across the North West.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've answered some frequently asked questions below.

What is a Commercial (Non Domestic) Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)?

A Commercial EPC is a document you need whenever a property is sold, rented or built in the UK. Your property will be surveyed and given a banding between A (most efficient) and G (least efficient). Once the assessment is complete, the EPC Certificate is uploaded to the government's Commercial EPC Register.

How can I get a Commercial EPC?

To get an EPC, you need to speak with a Non Domestic Energy Assessor (NDEA). This is us! We're not only qualified, but registered with an accreditation body too. To get your Commercial EPC we'll carry out an onsite assessment of your building and calculate its EPC Rating.

What is the cost of a Commercial EPC?

Because of the differing complexity of commercial buildings, we've created a pricing structure based on how many zones (rooms) the building has. Prices start from £150. Get a quote for a Commercial EPC.

How long does a Commerical EPC last?

Each EPC lasts for ten years. So, before you get a new one, double check the government’s EPC register to make sure you don’t already have one. If you don’t have a valid and in date EPC, you’ll probably need a new one before you can rent or sell. There are a few exemptions, for example, some listed buildings and temporary buildings.

How long does it take to get an EPC?

We have appointments available within one to two days. 99% of our Commercial EPC Certificates are produced and uploaded to the EPC register the day after the survey.